Designers on House of Nala

Ituen Basi

Ituen Basi was founded by Ituen Bassey, a graduate of the department of Theatre Arts, from the University of Ife. She designed and tailored costumes for stage productions and beauty pageants during her undergraduate years. Her love for the arts and fashion took her to London to further her studies in the American College in London and London College of Fashion where she majored in Tailoring and Clothing Technology. She went on to excel in sample making for established designers

Masa Mara

MASA MARA captures the harmony that can exist between the past and the present; the traditional and the modern. Designs honors the cultural wear of various tribes while blending these elements with urban active wear, with the aim of introducing traditional values to today’s generation, while celebrating their innovation. Established in 2013 and founded by creative director Eli Amza Gold, Masa Mara was created to share the stories of the bravery and strength of young African warriors.

David Tlale

David Tlale is a household label that firmly stands its own ground among a sea of other labels; this being attributed to the sheer design erudition and precision that challenges mediocrity. Both daring and dramatic, David Tlale is a brand that defies convention and a brand that impenitently employs unpredictable use and understanding of fabric, colour and texture.

Loayo Art

Loayo is a luxury women’s clothing brand, inspired by both art and the beauty of Africa. Our collections are elegant and unique, emphasising the natural beauty of women. Loayo (pronounced Lo-Ay-o) was created by Moroccan born artist Loubna Ayouche Combalat.

J’adore D’amour

J’adore D’amour, a luxury women’s footwear brand founded by Mathapelo Pitse in 2017, as a brand for the sophisticated, audacious & timeless woman dedicated to consistently stepping in style!

Ara Emporium

ARA Emporium is a female-owned customer-centric and modern brand based out of Johannesburg, South Africa. We produce affordable, quality, versatile and unique classics with a twist, our pieces designed for every woman (LGBTQI friendly).   Our goal is clearly described in a quote by one of the most famous designers “everyone to wear what they want and mix it in their own way. That, to me, is what is modern.”

Blvck Element

Blvck Element is a Johannesburg-based denim brand. The Brand Blvck Element specializes in denim outfits. This is a great urban denim brand that creates garments that reflects the kind of people that would comfortably rock Blvck Element.

Bongiwe Walaza

Bongiwe Walaza designs are made to enhance the beauty of a woman’s body shape and movement. Their signature style is self-generated handcrafted detailing, seamless color co-ordination and a figure friendly layering.

Lufi D

Lufi D was founded by Fortunate Nkateko Khoza, a self-taught fashion designer. Who is working towards her name being counted among the best in the fashion and beauty industry.


Raw-Yel is an Authentic African Attire brand for those who loves to look good as well as feel good, Raw-Yel Apparel. At your service your Highness.

Gavin Rajah

Gavin Rajah is a South African designer based out of Cape Town that specialises in handcrafted garments that are made with the finest fabrics and craftsmanship. The brand is synonymous with luxury. Having shown in Paris during the couture for a few years and, elsewhere in the world, he has set up based with a strong team of artisans.

Adele Dejak

Adele Dejak’s designs integrate locally sourced materials and traditional designs with a modern European style. Adele’s Nigerian roots merge easily with her European influences and with time the two styles have produced several celebrated collections that make up the current brand aesthetic. Adele is inspired by materials.

Amen by Brad and Abiah

Amen by Brad and Abiah’s customer is a collector of style stories and experiences, a junkie in search of the curation of fashion elements that explore contemporary African identities. They, just like the brand, look at fashion beyond the way of dressing and with the “So be it” attitude, often tapping into androgyny. The clothing reflects the journey of sharing between Africa and the world.

K. Moraba & Collective

The designs focus on the high-end fashion market and are inspired by a variety of things that evoke feminine, wistful and bold silhouettes – it could be the curl of a leaf on the mealie cob or the shape of a cloud on a warm South African summer day or just the lyrics of an Afro-jazz song.


The designs focus on the high-end fashion market and are inspired by a variety of things that evoke feminine, wistful and bold silhouettes – it could be the curl of a leaf on the mealie cob or the shape of a cloud on a warm South African summer day or just the lyrics of an Afro-jazz song.


Scalo is a South African fashion brand that represents quality and style and has done so since 2009. Founded in Johannesburg by Soweto born Sello Medupe, Scalo works on a foundation of passion and creativity, fused with the dynamism of a Johannesburg attitude. It is a modern, sophisticated and futuristic brand. Revolutionising shape is paramount to the brand’s philosophy which brings out a great fit and a flattering silhouette.

Future Socks

Future socks designs are inspired by all things African. Thabo says, “The Colours of Africa sock, has all the colours from the Pan African flag. The black is continuous from top to bottom and left to right because we are connecting people from all over the world.” Future Socks tell a story, wear them and be part of that story.

Taku Dlamini

Taku Dlamini is a consciously feminist fashion designer who advocates for individuality and creates garments that empower the wearer and reminds them that they are at liberty to make their own meaning. Born in Zimbabwe and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, she explores her perception of identity, structure and function.

Urban Zulu

Urban Zulu embodies the ideal of the Urban Heaven. Inspired by the spiritual, connected to the beauty and texture of the physical, Urban Zulu reflects the balance between the higher ideals of love and unity and practical functionality. The “Urban” element of the brand speaks to the fast-paced lifestyle demands of modern living. Our clothes remain functional and relevant in contemporary society, yet still reflect the unique nuances of our African identity.

Inga Madyibi

Inga Madyibi is a self-titled ready-to-wear fashion label that was founded in 2012 with a focus on conceptual designs with an Afropolitan aesthetic. Inga is especially inspired by the Nguni culture and has a passion for experimenting and expanding on that specific way of self-expression while using unexpected techniques within garment making and construction.


Mahone: The Quiet Junkie is a luxury brand that aims to share African stories to the world through each collection they make. The Tembisa-born designer, Sibusiso Mahone is the founder. He studied both Project Management and Fashion Design at Lisof.

Seditsi Collection

Seditsi is a ready-to-wear womenswear line that made its debut at the past AFI Fashion Week—boasts billowy, cocoon shapes, sumptuous floral prints, and experimental structures as part of the brand’s aesthetic language. Founded by designer Lesedi Baakwalanya, this South African brand translates African spirituality through Fabric storytelling.

Eric Raisina

Eric Raisina’s designs are completely handmade and he always starts with the fabrics, its colours and textures, and play around with them until he finds the perfect shape created around a story. The 1920s, the golden age of French Haute Couture, is Eric’s top inspiration. “I always thought and believed by creating my own fabric I would design fashion”-Eric Raisina


The KLUK CGDT brand is well known for sophistication in design and uncompromising standards in service and quality, but it is their brave use of colour, pattern, and fabric that they are particularly celebrated for. They produce 3 ready-to-wear collections a year off the rack and in sizes. Alternatively, designs can be made up as a special order in a fabric and colour of your choice for added exclusivity.

Gentlemen Era

Gentlemen Era is a South African Design House that was founded and is operated by Khutso Ntuli. Gentlemen Era South Africa is a brand that merges African creativity and sophistication to produce a style that is tailored for men and women in our modern era.

Nadrey Laurent

Her father’s effortlessly chic style and her love for fashion pushed her to venture into the fashion industry by launching her brand. With her two sisters, they created Totally Ethnik at the end of 2013, which is now NADREY LAURENT.

Oscar & Rose

Oscar & Rose (O & R) is a South African company that is operated and founded by Noor Thandiwe Modise. O & R is a commercial brand that bridges the gap between African creativity and western style. It understands the ever-changing world we live in and the demand of one of a kind garments, combining the unique blend of craft, design, tradition, colour, and trend into its collections.

Sari For Change

Sari for Change has been riding the shift in the fashion industry for six years with a focus in production being on ethical working conditions, development, and training, using the traditional Indian sari as an upcycling fabric resource to create innovative fashion products. It tells a story of women empowerment, cultural evolution, and shifts in identity.

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